Tom’s Top Picks For The Weekend of 29 – 30 June

Hoerenbal - Atlantis - Club Church Amsterdam - Queer Dance Party

Almost end of the week, so let’s have a look what’s there to do on the weekend! Start your weekend on Friday with (Z)onderbroek at Club Church. Drop your pants and dance at this popular underwear party! Sexy guys with boners in their briefs roam the dance floor and cruising areas. With DJ Eric Kandé & DJ Bo Monde Dresscode: underwear – briefs and jocks are favorites! – swim briefs, boxers, sports shorts or naked also permitted – NO board shorts, bermudas or other street wear! Men only. Doors open at 10pm and you can dance the night away until 5am the net morning.

Saturday it’s time for the 3x NYX Festival 2019 at Thuishaven! Why hide away in the night when you can also party during the day! 3x NYX is bringing a brand new queer festival to Thuishaven Amsterdam. A place without prejudice, where gender has no name and where self-expression is key! A celebration of acceptance that unites people through music, performances & creativity! The festival starts at 1pm and lats until 11pm.

If you are in the mood for something different, go to Club Church on Saturday for Hoerenbal – Atlantis. Pack your diving equipement! Club Church is going to “The city of lost Anus”, the underwater party city! We can’t tell you where cause well.. uhm.. nobody really knows…Dress code/looks (not mandatory but appreciated): Poseidon, Plato, Aquaman, Aquawoman, Aquatransgender, Aquaqueer, slutty mermaid, “sharks with frickin’ laser beams”, Nemo, Dora, seahorsehung, octopussy, Jennifer Hopelezz with wet hair etc…Doors open at 10pm and you can have fun until 5am the next morning.

Whatever you do, have fun and stay safe!

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