Tom’s Top Picks for the Weekend 20 – 21 April

FunHouse Xperience Easter Weekend Gay Circuit Party Amsterdam

The weekend of 20th – 21st April is full of parties. The infamous FunHouse Party is back again with an entire weekend of parties and with a new format called FunHouse Xperience. For the first time , FunHouse is throwing a party on Saturday AND Sunday on Easter weekend. It will have to compete against several other gay circuit parties on the same weekend including the La Demence Easter Weekend party in Brussels.

If techno is more your thing, then you’ll enjoy Is Burning’s 5 year anniversary party at Warehouse.

If you’re a RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, then you might want to check out Club NYX this weekend as they present Ariel Versace from fresh from the Season 11 cast.

If your in a more kinky fetishy mood, these are a few events this weekend a Club Church such as the Naked Masked Party, BiZonderbroek (Bisexual friendly underwear party) or Taboo Kantine’s new Kinky night.
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