Tom’s Top Gay Party Picks for the Weekend of January 5 – 6

Zonderbroek Gay Underwear Cruising Party Amsterdam Club Church

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you had fun celebrating the end of 2018 and the start of 2019! Let’s have a look, what’s going on during the next weekend. It’s a bit more quiet, but nevertheless you can start your weekend with (Z)onderbroek at Club Church. Drop your pants and dance at this popular underwear party. Sexy guys with boners in their briefs roam the dance floor and cruising areas. Doors open at 10pm and you can have fun until 5am in the morning. This party is “Men Only”.

Saturday maybe try 3xNYX at Club NYX. For 9 years Peter & Thijs played the soundtracks of our lives. From new found love, to heartbreak, from wasted nights to new friendships. During 3x NYX till 9am it’s your last chance to dance on the beats of these boys, and give them a goodbye they deserve! Doors open at 11pm and the party lasts until 9am.

If you are looking for another type of adventure go to Meat Market at Club Church. How much is that butt in the window? Bottoms arrive in advance of the tops and are stripped & hooded ready for the top’s pleasure. They can’t see who is f*cking them nor can they choose! Tops inspect the bottoms and take their pick – no refusals. Know you’re a bottom and need a good f*ck? Totally top and in search of willing bottoms? This market is for you! Doors open at 4pm with the bottoms arriving until 5pm. Tops arrive from 5pm to 6pm. You can have fun until 8pm. For more detailed rules check out the website of Club Church.

Finish off your weekend with THE BEAT at Eagle Amsterdam – dance on the new dance floor, cruise or be cruised in the basement BEAT. Doors open at 11pm and you can dance until 4am.

Whatever you chose to do, stay safe and have fun!

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