FunHouse – Space Odyssey Gay Circuit Party Amsterdam

FunHouse Space Odyssey Party Review

Funhouse is very special to me since it got me started on my party career two years ago. I vividly remember the moment my dear friend M and me entered the venue with some trepidation: this whole idea of dancing half naked in a place which many people (none of which had ever been there) ensured me was filled with vain muscle queens gave me some trepidation. About five seconds after entering the party we looked at each other with a big grin and with a loud YES the shirts were gone. Between us we have probably missed two editions since.

Boy Scouts Underground Techno Party Amsterdam

Boy Scouts: Heute Leider Nicht

Welkom? ⇝ DE KERK: Girl Scouts take-over Nastya Muravyova (Celestial, Kyiv) | SC: Isabassi (Hölle, Berlin) | SC: Vesper (Origami, Amsterdam) | SC: Opening door…? (22:00 – 00:00) ⇝ DE SPECIALE K(AMER) Das Aplha Centauri Ensemble (live) | SC: ⇝ TICKETS Klik op de link. Kom je in de ticketshop? Gefeliciteerd;…

Kalinichta #14 - Amsterdam - Gay Balkans and Mediterranean Party Amsterdam

Kalinichta 14th Edition – Amsterdam

We’re back, back, back again! Get your Kali on at Kalinichta #14. Let’s travel together on this musical road trip, warming up your spring night. Sliding from Balkan beats over to Greek uplifting tunes, and all the way to the bellydancing sounds of Lebanon. Ⓚ WHAT IS KALINICHTA? Kalinichta is a steaming open minded party…

Bear Necessity 11th Anniversary Gay Bear Dance Party Amsterdam

Bear Necessity 11th Anniversary Party Review

Bear Necessity is a medium-sized gay party aimed at beary types and their admirers. Regardless it attracts a crowd of all ages, sizes and shapes, with the majority being somewhat more mature than at most parties. The lovely thing is that the guys here look like normal, albeit somewhat kinky, people and bellies ranging from flat to round are all being shown with equal pride, as they should. This gives the party a body-positive vibe and makes people generally relaxed, friendly and approachable.