Paris Matinée La Leche! Party Review

Matinée Winter Festival Paris NYE 2018 Gay Circuit Party

The following review was based on the New Year’s Eve and Day Party on Monday, 31 December 2018 and is written from first hand accounts from our party reviewer Peter who lives in Amsterdam. Also checkout our review of the Matinée Pervert Party the night before.

After watching the New Year’s fireworks on the Arc de Triomphe from the Louvre gardens, my friends and I made our appearance at the final night of the Matinée Winterfestival: La Leche. Since we arrived around one, the party was in full swing.

Upon entering the 19th century ballroom we were flooded by the cheerful tones of very decent circuit house. Compared to the Matinée Pervert Party the evening before, this party was a bit more extravagant in terms of lighting, party gimmicks such as a foam cannon, and a VIP lounge to the side of the dance floor. Otherwise it was a matter of replacing the black background video and gogo speedos with white ones. At both parties the gogo’s felt the need to wave at us with their erections. They were very nice erections I have to say, and I’m quite impressed by how long they kept it up, but it really looked a bit silly. It sure was quite a contrast with the rest of the party, which was so tame I could have brought my grandma.

A major attraction was an excessively bulky guy pouring milk over himself in a cutesy blow-up pool. Many people found it interesting but I preferred to stand with people who were dancing instead of watching a gogo dancer through their phone screens. I therefore mentally wished him and his ample genitals good luck in their respective careers and took my business elsewhere.

The VIP lounge was really a bit distracting. It was quite empty and the people in it were just looking at the crowd which made me feel like a monkey in a zoo. Not to be bitter for being poor I have to say the good old-fashioned classism did go well with the 19th century ambiance of the venue.

The audience at La Leche was pretty much the same as the evening before at the Matinée Pervert Party, except that most people left their harnesses at home today. So once again the guys were very hot but not very social. There were also quite some people in dress shirts and polos. Despite my complaints the party was not totally unsocial of course; with the right attitude there’s nice people wherever you go. My friends had quite some nice encounters and I talked to one or two people. The love of my life met a couple from Tel Aviv who made our day by letting us tag along to Péripate, the coolest party I’ve been to in a long time.

The music was great and the venue was pretty but otherwise La Leche left me feeling like I ate a McDonalds hamburger from a styrofoam box. Both the party and the people felt plasticky and tame and I was just not feeling much love.

Party and Venue Information

Party type Traveling circuit parry
Type of audience Mostly between 25-45. The audience was very jockey. The party was not very social, flirty or cruisy, people were mostly dancing with friends. Quite some groups brought their hag
Outfits Shirtless with slutty shorts, quite some people in dress shirts and polos, possibly because they were out for dinner before.
Music Circuit house
Venue Salle Wagram, a lovely 19th century ballroom
Cruising None (except for the gogo dancers playing with their d*cks)
No play area
Security There was a security person between the wardrobe and dance hall, didn’t seem to check anybody who was already in their party gear.
Facilities Cloakroom, paid in cash. Drinks (10 each) were paid with vouchers For the common people there was very little room for sitting, except on a small step around the dance area. If you coughed up the money for a VIP ticket you got access to the VIP lounge with lounge facilities. There was a definite shortage of toilets

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