Matinée Paris Pervert Party Review

Matinée Paris Winter Festival NYE 2018. Photo credit Matinée Paris Facebook Page

The following review was based on the New Year’s Eve Weekend Matinèe Paris Winter Festival on Sunday, 30 December 2018 and is written from first hand accounts from our party reviewer Peter who lives in Amsterdam. Also see our review of the Matinée Paris LeLache! party which took place the next day.

Since Amsterdam had little to offer gay-party-wise around New Year, the boyfriend, me and two friends decided to seek our fortunes elsewhere. Matinée Paris was organizing a three-day Winter Festival so we figured we’d give it a go. I polled the sisterhood beforehand if it was good, but nobody in my circle had been there so we were kind of pioneering.

We skipped the first evening because we accidentally wore ourselves out with sightseeing for three days. The first evening had an Award theme; I never figured out if there were actual awards being handed out. I did hear it was pretty quiet. The second evening was Matinée Pervert, which had a kinky steampunk theme. Oh my, I was wondering if the usual slutty shorts and leather harness would be perverted enough. I needn’t have worried.

Apparently Parisians are late starters, we arrived at Cabaret Sauvage (lovely location) 1.5 hours after the start of the party to find a mostly empty room with people just standing around and looking. Around 1 the music picked up and two steroid types with funky headgear entered the stage, the music picked up and the dance floor filled. The turnout was ok, but it didn’t get super busy.

The audience was very hot and beefy but not very sociable. The crowd was so predominantly jockey that I had to have a therapy session on body issues with boyfriend halfway through the evening (no joke). Following the kinky theme the audience had politely put on their harnesses but apart from that I’ve never felt less perverted in my life. I hardly saw anybody even kissing. I may have caught quick glimpses of two very cursory bl0wj0bs. Of course real perversion germinates best when it’s kept bottled up but following that reasoning I could label any day at the office as Pervert day. Since no interaction of any kind was imminent I switched my mindset from social to psychedelic mode and just enjoyed the music and enhanced vision.

The venue and the music were really good and I had a nice dance but the crowd felt tame and unapproachable. I guess it was just the wrong party for me.

Party and Venue Information

Party type Traveling circuit party
Type of audienceMostly between 25-45
The audience was very jockey, some skinny guys, very little bears.
Even regular normal looking people were rare.
The party was not very social, flirty or cruisy, people were mostly dancing with friends.
OutfitsT-shirt, tanktop, shirtless, leather harness.
Music Circuit house
VenueCabaret sauvage, atmosphere of a 19th century fair or circus in a circular layout with mirrors around, very nice.
SexNot really, no play area
SecurityBags and persons were searched. Inside I don’t  remember how the security presence was.
FacilitiesBags and coats could be left in a cloak room. Payment for drinks with PIN and cash, cloak room cash. Drinks were quite expensive by my Dutch standards, everything was 10 euro which apparently is normal in Paris. (Red bull was 10, wodka was 10. Red Bull + wodka was also 10, which is not TOO bad, but then again who on earth goes to a circuit party to drink alcohol?) There was room to sit around the dance

Party Photos

For all the photos from the Matinée Paris Winter Festival checkout their Facebook Photo Gallery.

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