FunHouse Space Odyssey Party Review

FunHouse – Space Odyssey Gay Circuit Party Amsterdam

The following review was written about the Funhouse Odyssey party by party goer Peter from Amsterdam.

Funhouse is very special to me since it got me started on my party career two years ago. I vividly remember the moment my dear friend M and me entered the venue with some trepidation: this whole idea of dancing half naked in a place which many people (none of which had ever been there) ensured me was filled with vain muscle queens gave me some trepidation. About five seconds after entering the party we looked at each other with a big grin and with a loud YES the shirts were gone. Between us we have probably missed two editions since. The crowd we found was very friendly, open and inclusive. Most people there do look a bit better than average, but the negative ideas some people have are really out of all proportion. That first night was great and that was just on beer and Red Bull. One month later I came back and my love for this party was final. But enough about me.

Funhouse comes in a number of shapes. The one on this Saturday was a regular one which always has one room. Twice per year there’s an XL version which has three rooms and with pride there’s the XXL version with about 6000 attendees. I usually like the XL versions most since it’s a bit busier and more international, has a lounge area and some more space to wander around. The XXL version has more of that, but it’s so big I’ve lost friends and never found them again. Admittedly the music at the regular Funhouses has been a bit hitnmiss on occasions, but the edition we visited this Saturday was amazing. It was more packed than usual and the DJ’s were doing wonders.

The party always has a friendly, cheerful and very sweaty atmosphere, with occasionally a slightly hysterical undertone. This is matched by the dancing acts and promotion material which are always colorful and not super muscle-oriented like some parties tend to be. There’s a large group of regular attendees and after attending Funhouse a couple of times it feels a bit like a family reunion (provided your family consists of only crazy uncles, some of which with a persistent sex addiction).

The WesterUnie room at Westergasfabriek has a nice industrial feel, with a large balcony surrounding the dance floor on two sides. At the front of the balcony naughty business happens these days. Until recently people were often discouraged by security with flashlights, but apparently it’s fine now and that has done wonders for the waiting line at the toilets.

The cheerful poppy circuit house is compounded with lots of lights and lasers. In case of this edition LOTS of lasers and they were GREAT. I love lasers even when I’m sober. There are always raised dance areas which had a bit of an upgrade for this edition. There were even raised platforms ON the raised platforms, I was in heaven. As usual a couple of times during the party the platforms were emptied to make room for dancers who this time were looking like they were on the most glitzy space odyssey ever and set a nice atmosphere. This edition really was a blast. I still love you Funhouse, I would marry you but my boyfriend might object. I’m already counting down to March.

Party & Venue Information

Party type Circuit party
Type of audience Age range: all ages, majority 30-50 Audience: although the majority is in better shape than average it really feels quite inclusive Attitude: friendly, approachable, flirty, cruisy, social There were some women around (and they had a blast)
Outfits Shorts, shirtless, harness, jockstraps, … I think you’re getting the picture 😉
Music Circuit house
Sex Yes, the balcony front left turns into a fuckapalooza
Venue WesterUnie (part of Westergasfabriek)
Security Persons and possessions are searched thoroughly, security sometimes walks through the dance room
Facilities Lockers Payment methods: PIN and cash Drinks prices: regular bar prices Lounge: no Toilets: enough Smoking room: yes


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