Bear Necessity 11th Anniversary Party Review

Bear Necessity 11th Anniversary Gay Bear Dance Party Amsterdam

Bear Necessity is a medium-sized gay party aimed at beary types and their admirers. Regardless it attracts a crowd of all ages, sizes and shapes, with the majority being somewhat more mature than at most parties. The lovely thing is that the guys here look like normal, albeit somewhat kinky, people and bellies ranging from flat to round are all being shown with equal pride, as they should. This gives the party a body-positive vibe and makes people generally relaxed, friendly and approachable.

I came early-ish because I remembered from a previous edition that at some points the lockers can run out and then the cloakroom is the only option but it can have quite a long line. This edition wasn’t super crowded though (apparently February isn’t so popular) so there were plenty of lockers. There were still enough people to make the dance room pleasantly filled.

Right away I ran into quite a lot of familiar faces, popped my happiness medication and gradually slid into the party mood. The music was very pleasant around that time, a friend told me to classify it as funky house, which is duly noted. It’s a nice change to be at a party which is not circuit house or techno. The lighting was quite nice too, with some lasers thrown in to boot. The love of my life and me danced until at four or so when the music was getting a bit boring and the dance floor started showing some bald spots. We took that as our cue to leave and took an Uber to De School for an entirely contrasting experience.

Facilities and Venue

Party type Gay dance party
Type of audience Age range 18-80, majority 40+ Audience: kinki, all body sizes and shapes, many bears (obviously) The crowd is friendly, approachable, flirty, cruisy, social No women
Outfits Kinki, lots of leather, plenty of harnesses, jockstraps etc
Music House
Sex Yes, darkroom overlooking the dance area
Venue Panama
Security Brief check of persons and possessions at the entrance
Facilities Lockers (2 euro coin which you lose when you open it) Payment methods PIN (except for toilet en lockers) Drinks prices  are regular bar prices Toilets: enough There was a smoking lounge

Party Photos

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