Backdoor 4th Anniversary Party Review

Backdoor Melkweg Gay Circuit Party Amsterdam 4th Anniversary

The following review was written about the Backdoor 4th Anniversary Party by Bobby an editor of Tom of Amsterdam.

This was our first time attending the Backdoor party. We went with a group of people not knowing exactly what to expect. Luckily we were pleasantly surprised as the night progressed.

Entering the venue, Melkweg, was a breeze. There was no line and security was friendly allowed us through without any checks. Melkweg is a professional event and concert venue, so it’s to be expected that they are well organised. Melkweg is broken into two areas: a large hall and a smaller room with a stage.

After entering we came to the main lobby where the lockers were located. The party was being hosted in the smaller area. This instantly gave the party a more intimate vibe. Our only issue was that the lockers were a bit awkward. They require a €2 coin and if you open your locker again you lose your coin! One of our friends found that out the hard way. We ran out of coins so scrabbles to find more. I was able to get cash at the bar using my PIN pass.

After getting into our fetish/party wear, we entered the small dance hall which was very dark and cave like except for the bright colourful beams from the spot lighting and the green glow of lasers. There was a main dance area and a balcony above. The full-service bar was situated under the balcony in the back.

The music was already roaring and the party was already quite full considering it was 23:30. It probably also helped that the room itself was smaller which gave it a more full feeling. The music was definitely a familiar mix of circuit party anthems, but didn’t feel too poppy. The room acoustics and stage lighting were very good and gave you an immersive feeling. Of course, this was to be expected since Melkweg is a professional event venue.

The crowd was a mix of mostly mature guys in the usual fetish wear or without shirts and a handful of women. After an hour the party was filling up and younger guys became more prevalent. The mix was anything from bear to twink and everything in between. The party was also female friendly.

There was no official play area, but we heard various reports that the balcony turned into one later into the party. Security inside was not policing anyone.

There was a second DJ by the bathroom area, but we didn’t spend any time over there since it was a very cramped space and the main dance floor gave us all the life we needed.

Our only other complaint was that the bathrooms were not free. You either had to pay €0,50 per visit or €1,50 for the whole night. They accepted PIN at the bathroom.

All in all, the Backdoor Party was one of the better circuit parties we’ve been to. From my opinion it was like a small Rapido. It’s worth noting that this was the first edition to sell out completely. The music, atmosphere, lighting and crowd was the perfect combination to keep you dancing all night long. And that is what we did until the very end at 6:00 AM.

TypeCircuit Party
AudienceMixed crowed, mostly men of various ages, but more on the mature side
OutfitsHarnesses/fetish wear, jeans, shirts off, shorts
MusicCircuit House
SexNo official play area
VenueMelkweg, professional event and concert venue
SecurityThere was security at the entrance but no extensive checking of persons or possessions
FacilitiesLockers were available with €2 coins (if you open the lockers, you lose your coin)
Bathrooms €1,50 for entire night or €0,50 each time. PIN/debit card accepted at the bathrooms.
Prices for water, sodas and alcohol were pretty standard; nothing outrageous.

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